StrutWise Technical Services – Gas Lift Strut Service and Gas Strut Repair.

Supplying new as well as repairing and refurbishing old or in-use quality gas lift struts since 2000.

We can supply, refurbish and repair gas lift struts for a wide range of different industries and locations. Learn more about those industries here.

Gas Struts Services by StrutWise Technical Services

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear more from some of our happy customers about how StrutWise can help you and your situation.

StrutWise Technical Services – Gas Lift Strut Service and Repair service a huge range of struts from many manufacturers.

The best way to know if we can service yours, is to send us an inquiry!

Some of the vehicles struts that Strutwise services

Some models of struts are expensive to replace and some are even totally out of production and unavailable.

Are you needing to replace your old, not working vehicle gas struts with new ones?

If this is the case, StrutWise Technical Services – Gas Lift Strut Service and Repair is the best solution for you.

We offer custom design for struts in need of higher or lower load rating, or specific strut or size requirement. If you want your strut replaced or repaired to a certain strength we can do that too.

We service the Automotive, Aviation, Marine & Industry, Fleet Owners as well as Private Owners.

If you want to see the wide service area we cover have a look here.

To get them to us, all you have to do is to have the struts removed, parceled and send it to StrutWise.

If you have any questions about your struts or want to know more, send us a message.